The universe is a strange place

So, I’ve been reading.

This morning after waking before dawn had broken I started reading. I needed inspiration for a project I am working on. I was reading about things that just don’t make any sense. The article is dated, so some of these universal mysteries may have now been solved. Some of them are utterly fascinating but I was most interested in the placebo and nocebo effects. I knew that science had looked at these things but I just started thinking that a world where we fully understood our bodies could be a world we can finally start to unravel. As the article points out imagine if we could harness the power of placebo. Our mind and body seems to possess a lot of the tools needed for its survival. Many we already knows about such as antibodies and the immune system. Think about the possibilities if the placibo morphine experiment could be recreated without the need for deception.

Imagine a world where our bodies could control pain relief. A world where we can be in cut out the pain when needed. It would still work as a warning system but if you had to wait a few days for a doctors apointment — ie. for something not to serious — you could control the pain without the need for drugs. Then you throw in the nocebo factor. Understanding nocebo could lead to understanding anxiaty better. Is it so far fetched that if the mind can kill the body through a fear of something that it could also repair it? Of course science has found, or will find, various ways to explain this. It is after all what science is for and it is why we love it.

The brain is truly a breathtaking thing. A feat of evolution from cosmic goo to a system that controls all aspects of our bodies and gives us the ability to come up with some of the most amazing ideas. A biological super computer that is even capable of examening itself to understand itself better. If you belive in a God, or Gods then his creation is an amazing bit of kit. If you beleive — as I do — in us being a freak of nature that evolved and became the human race then I’d argue its an even more amazing thing.

If we could understand our brains better, then we could maybe start to answer the questions of the universe. Why do beans work with cheese. Pinapple on pizza, right or wrong? Why do people who are unemployed or working for the bare minimum wage vote for the Tories?

Keyser Soze said “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.”

Bloris would say “The greatest trick the Tories ever pulled was convincing the working class to vote for them.”

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