Yes I am still ranting about PP $%&%$& E!

I feel like a broken record, but please, this PPE situation has to be resolved.

A week is a long time in politics. A month is one twelfth of a year. Look back three months and you can only just see Christmas. There is is vanishing into the distance. One hundred and one days has been, for many, a lifetime. The Telegraph lists seventeen people, I picked the Telegraph because of its political stance so take the figures for what they are. Yes you’ve guessed it I am still ranting about PP fucking E.

I hear arguments from people. “You can’t just magic it out of thin air” they will scream. To some degree they are right, but I keep coming back to that number. One hundred and one days. So sure, we have the great orange oath blocking PPE exports and we have some that are not up to the job, but one hundred and one days.

Are we as a nation, a group of nations even, incapable of manufacturing? Can we not do it ourselves. We have Dyson making ventilators (number delivered 0) I am pretty sure they are more complex than PPE. We have had one hundred and one days and yet we are still hearing about NHS workers without protection, and let us not to forget others out there working day to day without it.

When you go in to work, consider this. If you work in a place with ninety nine other people. Sixty of you will catch this. Fourteen will need to be in hospital and of them two will die. Those are your odds, enjoy your day at work. As the lottery hand used to say “It could be you”. Before anyone complains, yes they are back of a fag packet mathematics. It is to blunty set an example, not a scientific argument. Would you be willing to work with those odds? I am not sure I would be.

A few days ago (7th April) I praised the press. I thought they had finally got it. I could have put the joker to shame, I was grinning more than a man who has spotted his wife's stocking tops from across the room. They asked Dominic Raab this:

“Q: Are you promising that you will carry out 100,000 daily antigen tests by the end of the month? If you do not meet that, will someone carry the can?”

Leaving aside the carrying the can bit as that is for a later date, the question had me rolling my eyes and thinking “Same shit, different day”. Raab pretty much brushed it off as they always do with this answer:

“Raab says the health secretary, Matt Hancock, has been very clear what the target is.”

So, same shit as always. Then like a little miracle wrapped in a little box with a great big bow the following happened:

“Q: So are you promising that 100,000 antigen tests can be carried out by the end of the month?”

I felt like I had to pinch myself. This is not right, this is not how the script plays out. Somebody somewhere is ad libbing this. Get the screenwriter on the blower and sort this shit out! I scrolled back, I refreshed the page. This was a typo, it had to be. Raab did next what Tories are always going to do. His survival instincts kicked in. His eyes narrowed to slits and he looked at the press, from our angle we can see his pupils darting from left to right and then right to left as he works out who asked him the question. This was supposed to be easy, this wasn’t supposed to go like this! Gotcha he thinks as he sees the person in question. Running a spoon down their nose he imagines what it would be like to feed them their own brain, laughing as he does so. Little scoops of brain coming from the top and being inserted into that hole that had the nerve to ask the question again. Little bits of fluffy brain matter flowing down into the stomach, oh what if I opened……..

He then snapped out of it and hung Matt Hancock out to dry:

“Raab says he will not go beyond what the health secretary has said. The government is going to strain every sinew to get these tests done, he says. This target still stands, he says.”

The point is not that he hung Hancock out without a second thought, nor is it that they still did not get a realistic answer. The point is that they pushed for an answer! Then we come to the 8th and we are back to same shite, different day.

We have to do better. We can do better. Do we really lack the ability to do it ourselves on a scale that is needed? It does not matter where you find yourself sitting on the political spectrum we have to demand better for people. We have to do better. We can, I really believe we can. We have to work together if enough of us are shouting then at some point they have to listen.

I am actually saddened writing this. We have people going to work literally risking their lives for you and I. We have to do better.

One hundred and one days.

Take care, and if you’ve enjoyed this and can share then please do.

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